Mobile Phone Companies

There are numerous mobile phone companies for subscribers to choose from. While most of these mobile phone companies offer similar subscription plans, there are certain details that make them different from one another. This article provides information on the different Australian mobile phone companies and the kinds of services they offer.

3 Mobile

3 Mobile was the first of the mobile phone companies to offer 3G services in Australia. Various networking problems led to much criticism towards 3 Mobile's service. Today, however, 3 Mobile is one of the leading mobile phone companies, reaching about 96% of the population and having over 1,700,000 subscribers in April 2008.

Crazy John's

Crazy John's is another competitor among the mobile phone companies. The company is able to compete by signing on with the Vodafone network, which allowed Crazy John's to offer competitive subscription plans coupled with mobile phone units.

Optus Mobile

Optus Mobile is part of a brand that owns other mobile phone companies such as Virgin Mobile Australia and Boost Mobile. In March 2008, Google Inc and Optus formed a partnership that will soon allow for special Google functions on Optus Mobile phones. By the end of 2007, Optus Mobile had over seven million mobile customers.


Savvytel is one of the mobile phone companies that offer low rates on their prepaid mobile products. Savvytel is a top competitor among the mobile phone companies, because of their low rates and because of the fact that it was the first company to offer unlimited call credits.


The background and standing of Soul gives it a competitive edge over other mobile phone companies. As the second largest voice and data network in Australia, Soul is able to offer video over Internet protocol, which allows subscribers to view digital television on their gadgets.


Telstra Mobile is the most popular of the mobile phone companies in Australia. Having the largest number of subscriptions and the largest area of coverage, Tesla Mobile is the leader in the Australian mobile phone companies arena. Telstra also leads other mobile phone companies because it was the first company to offer EDGE (enhanced data rates for GSM evolution).

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile was the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator among the Australian mobile phone companies. The Australian Money Magazine awarded Virgin Mobile with the Best Gold Medal for Low-User plans. One of their more popular features is the pay-as-you-go service.


Vodafone Mobile is one of the leading mobile phone companies in Australia. The company holds a 17% share of the mobile market in Australia, with over 3 million subscribers. Providing GSM, GPRS and 3G services to their customers, Vodafone Mobile is now concentrating on strengthening its prepaid market.